south_korea_1In South Korea, a set of appraisal standards for the second round restructuring of construction and shipbuilding industries will be announced on March 9th.

According to banking industry, main creditor banks of construction and shipbuilding firms are set to finalize credit risk evaluation standards in cooperation with the board of Korea Federation of Banks and Financial Supervisory Service.

The creditors, in the second phase of restructuring, are introducing a new appraisal article, ‘loan securement structure'.

If a company's loan is 100% granted from banks, then it would receive A grade but if the ratio is below 80%, it would get D grade.

In other words, a company which got much loan from the second banking industries such as capital not from banks will be in a disadvantageous position.

A banking industry insider said, "The proportion between financial articles and non-financial articles would be same with that in the first round of restructuring which is 40% to 60%."

Four shipbuilders are said to be having their credit risks appraised in the second round of restructuring.

When the appraisal standards are set up on March 9th, the main creditor banks will commence the evaluation work based on the companies' 2008 financial statements.