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TOPIC: Assessment of Mariner’s Competency and Simulator Used Training

Assessment of Mariner’s Competency and Simulator Used Training 8 years 3 months ago #8

Assessment of Mariner’s Competency and Simulator Used Training
Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine
Tokyo, Japan
Abstract: To keep rational prosperity of human society, it is necessary that we understand the essential technologies rightly that sustain the modern society. And we have to evaluate the people who have a competency to realize the techniques. As the technologies on electronics and communication have been progressed rapidly, they have been adopted into the operation of vessels. And the evaluation on importance of human’s techniques for ship handling has become low. However, the most parts of techniques in ship handling have not been able to be transposed from mariner to the technology developed in recent days. We have to understand the necessary techniques that are still completed by mariners. On the other hand, in the rapid progress of profit principles, the basis of judgment on the employment of seafarer changes from mariner having sufficient competency to low cost mariner. If we truly intend to keep safe navigation and clean ocean, we have to evaluate the importance of mariner having necessary competency.
The assessment on competency cannot be completed without clarified definition of necessary techniques. Therefore, in this paper, the items of necessary techniques are defined and the competencies to complete the techniques are clarified. By executing the rational assessment on the competency, we can understand the learning process of the competency. And we can estimate the necessary training periods based on the learning process and can understand the compatibility between the plural training systems when carrying out the training by combining different training condition. In this paper, the training system developed based on the new concept on the techniques and competencies are introduced.
Keywords : Assessment of competency, Necessary techniques for safe navigation, Elemental technique development, MET, Sea time equivalency
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Re:Assessment of Mariner’s Competency and Simulator Used Training 8 years 3 months ago #9

1 Introduction
International regulations on maritime techniques have been issued to realize safe navigation. However, assessing standards for evaluation on the competency have not been defined concretely. Seafarer has to complete the rational behaviour based on the knowledge as well as having the necessary knowledge for ship handling.
MET (Maritime Education and Training) is divided into two categories such as learning process on necessary knowledge and training process on the completion of rational behaviour. The assessment on mariner’s competency should be done based on the knowledge and behaviour. As the objectives of assessing competency are divided into two items, following issues should be defined in each category,
What items should be assessed
What scale for assessing standard should be defined
The assessment on the competencies of the knowledge is easier than one on the competencies of the execution. We have to discuss how to judge the competencies of the execution. In this paper, from point of mentioned view, firstly the necessary skills for safe navigation are discussed in order to clarify the objectives of assessment. Next, the standards for assessing the competency on each skill are explained. Furthermore, the concrete methods of the assessment are explained.
As the assessing objectives and the assessing standards will be decided clearly, it become possible that mariner’s competency can be assessed correctly and quantitatively. Then, it becomes possible that the leaning process on the competency following the training progress can be measured. By measuring the learning characteristics on maritime techniques, we can estimate the necessary training periods. Furthermore, comparing the learning process in different training conditions, we can define the conversion ratio between them when combining plural training conditions are executed for MET. In the last part of this paper, MET system developed based on proposed concept are introduced.
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Re:Assessment of Mariner’s Competency and Simulator Used Training 8 years 3 months ago #10

2 Necessary Techniques for Safe Navigation
Present days, the training for mariner using simulator are carried out in many maritime countries. The basis of training is STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) code issued by IMO(International Maritime Organization). However, the trainings among training centres are not same. We have to consider the reason of the difference among training centres.
Table 1 shows one part of STCW code. Competence is Positioning. The knowledge is required for all condition. The competence for all condition is required. But navigational conditions in real world are extremely varieties. It is very difficult that the competencies in all conditions are defined within limited number. Furthermore, the methods of evaluation for the competency and standard skill level are not defined concretely. As a result, training situation, evaluation items and methods and standard skill level has to be defined by each training institute.

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