A DFDS Seaways ferry crashed into an oil platform on the River Tyne in 60mph winds. The collision, which occurred last Friday, happened after several ropes tethering the 30,000-ton King Of Scandinavia snapped.

The ferry then slipped its berth at Northumbrian Quay, and the ship’s captain was forced to drop his anchor to stop the ferry as it drifted towards the decommissioned oil platform. Tugboats aided to help control the ship, but could not prevent it from grazing the oil platform and creating a gouge in the side of the ferry. No passengers were on board the ship at the time, and there were no injuries to crew. Sailings from Newcastle to IJmuiden in the Netherlands on the King Of Scandinavia were cancelled all this week while repairs were carried out on the ship, and will resume on Monday 3 March. Source: TTG